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Microchannel Technologies Corp. looks to bridge the gap between blockchain innovation and capital markets through ownership of multiple cryptocurrency mining facilities at strategic locations around the world. It uses blockchain technology to validate cryptocurrency transactions.MicroChannel Technologies will leverage this expertise, and the flexibility afforded by its flexible infrastructure design and software, to identify and focus computing resources on existing and new cryptocurrencies as they become more profitable to mine.

Microchannel Benefits

Why clients choose us

  • Crypto Mining

    Crypto Mining

    A transparent and secure ecosystem for effortless cryptocurrencies buy, sell and trade transactions.
  • Profitable Exchange

    Profitable Exchange

    Tier 1 performance standards and highly efficient operations keep our costs low and your profit margin high.
  • Network Performance

    Network Performance

    Microchannel's network administration team takes pride in it's best in class uptime and success against strict security, performance and efficiency standards.
  • Reliable Protection

    Reliable Protection

    We take security very seriously. From our admin dashboards to our development protocols we ensure best in class protection.
  • Professional Support

    Professional Support

    Comprehensive and well planned user guides are available from the admin dashboard and tiered support is available when you need it.
  • Professional Tools

    Professional Tools

    Our service includes a growing suite of powerful tools that our Microchannel Clients can use mine, trade and monitor the markets like with greater confidence.

Microchannel Technology

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Learn how Microchannel can fast track your business, practice or institution into the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Business Blockchain Solutions

Microchannel is developing a full spectrum of products spanning both hardware and software, to allow businesses to integrate Blockchain technology into their operations. Speak with us today at …

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